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This Is Us Week!

It's like "Shark Week" for band

Join us for a week of special premiers leading up to the 2/12 premier of This Is Us: Documentary. These bonuses and extras will all be part of the DVD. They will premier at 7PM each night and be available for 24 hours.

Click the button for each day's links!


 2/5: High Cam-Undeniable (Bonus Feature) 

2/6: Rainy Day Snippet

2/7: Super Bowl-no premier (Go Chiefs!)

2/8: High Cam-Unbroken (Bonus Feature)

2/9: High Cam-Unstoppable (Bonus Feature)

2/10: US Bands Unscripted Adjudication (Bonus Feature)

2/11: Full Show Edit (Bonus Feature)

2/12: This is Us! Documentary

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